Also known as
Japan [2019] - 129m
Drama, Thriller
Directed by
Takahisa Zeze
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The Promised Land poster


July 09, 2020


Why is it that films referring to promised lands (or Shangri-Las, or utopias, or whatever they call it) always use the reference in an ironic manner? I hadn't heard a thing about Zeze's latest, but at no point did I expect this film to be a pleasant, heartwarming drama about a place that feels like an actual promised land.

The titular promised land is a small community in rural Japan. A sunny village hidden between the mountains that does look like an idyllic place, at least from afar. Of course these communities hide a lot of toxicity too and when a young girl goes missing a long feud begins, one that will make its fair share of victims.

Performances are solid, the film looks pretty nice and the mix of drama and thriller elements works very well. There's little wrong with this film, but it also doesn't really set itself apart from many others. It's a solid, memorable and at times impressive drama that further underlines Zeze's talent, but never quite dazzles.