Kong Woo Liu Duen
1985 / 89m - Hong Kong
Action, Crime
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December 14, 2021


One of Taylor Wong's earlier films. Not the most famous Hong Kong director around, probably because he directed some Cat III work that kept him out of the eye of the mainstream. But like Herman Yau, Wong's films offered a nice alternative to the clean, prim entertainment that dominated the Hong Kong market.

The story revolves around a couple of Mainland Chinese folk who come to Hong Kong, hoping to find a better life there. A very popular subject among directors who want to stray from the beaten path. When they can't land a job, it's no surprise they end up trying making a living by working a local crime boss.

The performances are pretty basic, the cinematography is crude, and the plot is extremely predictable. It's a pretty generic Hong Kong crime flick in many ways, except that Wong doesn't shy away from blood and nudity. These grittier moments stand out, but they can't really save the film.