Qing Ling Mi Ku
2022 / 78m - China
Adventure, Fantasy
Qinling Mountains poster


June 14, 2023


Not great. This is just another tomb-raiding adventure, including the token giant mutant spiders. Dai Yilin is credited as chief director (not sure what that credit means exactly - my guess is that he probably wasn't too involved in the day-to-day work, but he acted more like a mentor), but it's clear the film isn't up to his usual standards.

A team of explorers is checking out the caverns deep inside the Qinling mountain, hoping to find access to a hidden palace. When they finally manage to open the passageway, they are attacked and obliterated by an army of giant spiders. Only one of them manages to escape. In a town nearby, a new expedition prepares to take on the spider army.

Pretty cliche, with few redeeming qualities. I'm getting rather bored of giant spiders (especially when the CG is poor), the tomb raiding elements aren't too exciting either and the action is pretty dull. It's short and fast-paced genre fluff, and in that sense it's watchable, but there are 10 films just like this which do a much better job.