2008 / 106m - UK
Action, Thriller
Quantum of Solace poster


May 30, 2021


A surprisingly action-packed Bond film. It's clear that there isn't much place anymore for Bond's goofy side in the modern films, but at least they cut out most of the narrative cruft that made Casino Royale such a tremendous drag. Not that Quantum of Solace is a return to form, but at least it was pretty decent.

After being betrayed in the previous film, Bond his asked to keep his emotions out of his job. There's a bit more padding of course, but in the end the plot is always the same: Bond has to chase an evil guy half across the world, while hooking up with some women along the way. Quantum of Solace is no exception.

The action is a big step up from the previous film and the first half is pretty explosive. The second part slows down a bit too much, which takes away from the fun. But, major props for keeping it well under 2 hours for a change, a film like this really doesn't need to be any longer. There's definitely some good things here, it's just a shame about the less interesting second half.