2021 / 78m - China
Queen of Triads 2 poster


April 26, 2021


Not sure if I'm surprised to see Jing Wong resurface in the recent boom of Chinese genre cinema. He may be getting a little order, but it's a work ethic that suits his perfectly. Filling shelves with popular genre cinema is Wong's shtick and since he'll probably be making films until he's actually physically uncapable, it's a match made in heaven.

The story is a simple one. A man solicits at a restaurant known for giving unjustly imprisoned people a second chance. Things go well until an old enemy resurfaces. The people at the restaurant decide to help him out, but the secret deals between the police and the Triads make it hard to get a proper revenge.

Though Wong should be able to make this type of film with his eyes closed, he can't fall back on seasoned actors and cinematographers to elevate his film, which is a bit of a problem. Queen of Triads 2 pales in comparison to most of his other work, there are a few decent action scenes (and of course some gambling action), but it's hardly a film worth pursuing. Filler for the needy.