1985 / 91m - New Zealand
Mystery, Sci-fi
The Quiet Earth poster


October 04, 2022


A pretty decent sci-fi flick. The premise is one of those situations that most people have pondered about at some point in their lives: what would I do if I was alone on this Earth? The Quiet Earth doesn't really take that premise any place interesting, but it is fun to tag along for the ride regardless.

Zac wakes up one morning to find all the other people have disappeared. He ventures outside and looks around the neighborhood, he leaves messages for others to find, but it appears he is all alone. Until one day he runs into Joanne, a young woman who has been going through the same thing as Zac. They continue their search for other survivors, only now together.

It's a nice enough premise, though I don't believe it needed an actual explanation. The film goes through the motions and there's certainly some appeal to the empty Earth lifestyle, I just wish there was a bit more meat to the film. The styling is pretty plain, the characters are a little bland and the plot isn't all that exciting. Not the worst though.