Also known as
Nou Fo
Hong Kong [2021] - 126m
Crime, Action
Directed by
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November 05, 2021


Benny Chan's swansong. The man left us way too early, but it's nice to know he went out with a bang. Raging Fire is a vintage Chan production, a Hong Kong procedural with the necessary action scenes to keep the adrenaline pumping. Hong Kong could use a few more films like this, which makes Chan's loss all the more painful.

Bong is a model detective, but his loyalty to justice gets him into trouble when he is forced to testify against some fellow officers. His report lands them in jail. When years later they finally get out, revenge is on their mind. After some violent attacks, Bong and his team will have to go all out to stop them.

Donnie Yen and Nicolas Tse are both excellent as the leads, the action scenes are well choreographed and impressive, the pacing is on point too. There may be a bit too much filler drama, certainly not a first for this type of film, but there are plenty of action scenes scattered throughout to make up for it. A fine action flick.

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