2022 / 117m - Spain
Drama, Fantasy
Rainbow poster


July 16, 2023


What a neat little surprise. The problem with Netflix is that it is a big player, hence it reaches a wide audience. And Joe Average isn't looking for any unique or challenging films, so whenever there's a film trying to do something different, it is immediately put down. It ends up buried with truly mediocre films, which is depressing.

On her 16th birthday, Dora finds out that her father kept information behind about her mother, who left them when she was younger. She goes on a trip to find her mom and meets some peculiar people along the way. Meanwhile, a mean old crone is trying to frame Dora for the death of her husband.

Rainbow is a fun and contemporary take on The Wizard of Oz. The references are obvious, but also smart and original, making sure this isn't just a carbon copy of the old story. The cinematography is bold and colorful, the soundtrack is fun and the performances are strong. A tad long maybe, and not everything works equally well, but Paco León is a promising director.