1984 / 95m - Australia
Horror, Comedy
Razorback poster


June 19, 2020


This was pretty bonkers. Not quite as mad or gory as early Peter Jackson, but it's never that far off either. Razorback is a juicy, over-the-top horror comedy that doesn't go for explicit laughs, but is filled to the brim with outrageous characters, ridiculous situations and one giant boar (the razorback).

But it's not just cheese, the cinematography is pretty great for an 80s film, the score is very atmospheric and the effects look pretty nice still, though it's clear that the budget was quite limited. The monster is never full on screen and the finale looks a bit too cut up, but overall the quality is surprisingly high.

Also props for the crazy Australian hillbillies, who give the film some extra spice. This was a pretty nice mix of comedy and horror in other words. I'm suprised I'd never heard about this film before, it really deserves to be a bigger cult hit than it currently is. If you want a fun little horror and haven't seen this one yet, this comes well recommended.