Karada Sagashi
2022 / 102m - Japan
Horror, Mystery
Re/Member poster


February 15, 2023


Japan loves a good haunted school building horror. Re/Member offers a variation on the popular theme, a subgenre of Japanese horror cinema that has been doing quite well lately (though few of these films have made it beyond their borders). Re/Member is a fun but overly slick introduction to the niche.

Six high school students find themselves back on school premises when the clock hits 00:00. They are there to play Body Search, a game where they have to find the limbs of a victim while they are being chased by a murderous ghost. Until they've found all the body parts, their day keeps repeating ad infinitum.

The budget was there and the scares are pretty cool. The drama on the other hand feels flimsy and the actors are a tad too glossy (read core pop idol material). A stronger focus on the horror would've improved the film (and cut down the runtime to a more acceptable 90 minutes), but if you're looking for a fun Japanese horror film, this one fits the bill.