2004 / 160m - Japan
Crime, Mystery
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July 17, 2022


Obayashi dishes out an epic murder mystery. In what seems like an endless amount of chapters, he explores the mysterious murders in that plague a high-rise flat. Obayashi manages to put his unique stamp on the film, but it's still an extremely narrative affair, and with almost three hours on the clock, it did start to drag in some places.

Four people are murdered in a fancy neighborhood. At first, it looks like the victims are all related, but after further investigation it turns out one of them doesn't belong with the others. Through interviews with neighbors and familiars, the story behind the murders is fully revealed.

The chapter setup works well and between chapters, Obayashi finds time to be a tiny bit more experimental. The cast is splendid, the story mysterious and the pacing pretty decent. The only problem is the runtime, which is excessive. A pretty solid Obayashi though, fans of his work won't be disappointed.