1949 / 82m - USA
Crime, Drama
The Reckless Moment poster


December 29, 2021


It's a bit odd to peculiar that so many respected European directors ended up in the USA directing noirs. I guess Hollywood has always been the promised land for film people, sadly, their travels rarely resulted in better films or an upgraded oeuvre. Ophuls' The Reckless Moment is a prime example.

Lucia finds out her daughter Bea is dating a shady criminal. Behind her daughter's back she confronts him, but he demands money from Lucia. Lucia tells Bea ab out his deplorable proposition, but she doesn't believe her mother and sneaks out to see her lover. The next morning he is found dead.

The Reckless Moment is a pretty plain and unexciting noir, unless you're a big fan of the genre. The pacing is pretty snappy, but the plot is so simple and by the numbers that it doesn't really matter. The performances are lifeless, and the film lacks the gritty atmosphere that might've added some appeal. Very forgettable.