2021 / 118m - USA
Crime, Comedy
Red Notice poster


March 12, 2022


With the Hong Kong movie industry in a pickle, it's nice to see the West take over the art heist/conman genre. Red Notice is a pretty typical blockbuster, with its signature cast and familiar set pieces, but that's pretty much the entire reason for watching this film. And in that sense, it's not too bad.

Hartley is an FBI agent who is looking for Nolan Booth, a notorious art thief. Booth has his eyes on Cleopatra's eggs, of which a third one is rumored to exist. When Hartley is close to apprehending Booth, he is conned and the only way to clear his name is to join Booth in gathering all three eggs.

Reynolds is Reynolds, The Rock is The Rock, Gadot is Gadot. They're not so much typecast as the roles were specifically written for them. The action looks decent, the comedy is passable, the varied locations give the film some extra flair. It's nothing too noteworthy, but it's pleasant enough filler.