1993 / 98m - USA
Crime, Thriller
Red Rock West poster


March 02, 2021


Mediocre thriller. The kind of film that used to be made to fill the shelves in video rental stores, i.e. the equivalent of contemporary streaming filler. You take an established genre, mix some familiar plot elements around and throw a B-cast at it. What remains is a film that isn't terrible, but will start to fade from memory the moment the end credits hit the screen.

Nicolas Cage is desparate for a job. So desperate in fact that when he's mistaken for a contract killer, he decides to play along in order to scam the contractor. It gets him mixed up in a big old clusterfuck where several parties end up eying the inheritance of a not so harmless wife.

With Cage, Boyle and Hopper on board the cast is pretty solid, sadly the plot is rather dull and the direction isn't much to look at either. It's all rather predictable and even though the film isn't very long, it does start to drag after a while. I've definitely seen worse, but if you're looking for a cool Cage flick, better save this one for when you've seen all the good ones.