2022 / 92m - Australia
The Reef: Stalked poster


July 26, 2022


Shark flicks. It's been years since they were popular, yet some directors keep putting them out. Andrew Traucki loves a good animal scare, so it's no surprise to see him make a sequel to The Reef. Stalked is a pretty generic shark flick that could've been put out under any other name, but if you love a pretty beach, pristine waters and a frightening animal, this one won't disappoint.

To honor Cath, Nic's deceased sister, she and her former diving friends plan a journey that used to be Cath's big dream. They're peddling to a remote island, but halfway there they run into a shark. The animal seems hellbent on following the women around, and it isn't afraid to attack when they least expect it.

The setting is lovely, and the shark scares are effective, if nothing you haven't seen before. There's a bit too much bland drama scattered throughout the film and the ending comes off a little simple, but The Reef: Stalked is decent enough genre fun. As long as you know what you're getting yourself into.