2021 / 95m - USA
Thriller, Horror
The Retaliators poster


December 15, 2022


A slightly odd mix of crime and horror elements, with a religious finish and a sprinkle of (nu-)metal influences. If that sounds a bit random, well, it is, and that feeling never really went away while watching. There are some inspired moments here, but a tighter focus could have improved the film considerably.

When the daughter of a local priest is murdered in cold blood, he struggles with his belief. The priest gets some unexpected support when the detective handling the case makes him an unusual deal. He already caught the killer and he's offering him one minute of "free time" with the murderer.

The drama is somewhat poor, the music choices a tad odd (it's a bit early for a nu-metal revival?) and the investigation holds up the film. But the horror bits in the final third are pretty nifty and there are some memorable moments there. Not an overall success, but not entirely without merit either.