Mo Jian Xia Qing
1981 / 101m - Hong Kong
Return of the Sentimental Swordsman poster


January 11, 2022


Chor's Sentimental Swordsman series is pretty damn solid. I failed to watch them in order, but as with most Shaw Bros productions, it's not very difficult to keep track of the plot. And the parts you might end up missing are rarely crucial to appreciating the film. It certainly wasn't too hard to get back into this series.

After wandering around for three years, Li Xunhuan returns to his home and plans on settling down. Of course, some villains won't let him. They'll need to defeat Xunhuan if they want to be ranked as top martial artists. Xunhuan seeks out A Fei, while he is confronted by yet another threat: the Money Clan.

It's not the greatest action film produced by the Shaw Bros, but the decors and the soundtrack make this one of their more atmospheric films. I prefer the third entry in the series, but it is a small step up from the first Sentimental Swordsman and the trilogy is a pretty good start for people who haven't seen any of Chor's films yet, as they do a good job of highlighting his particular skills.