2014 / 99m - USA
Comedy, Crime
Ride Along poster


July 01, 2020


Very basic Hollywood fodder, but within its category definitely not the worst film I've seen. The match-up between Ice Cube and Kevin Hart is a typical one, with both actors immediately falling into their respective stereotypes. Once you're okay with that though, there's some decent fun to be had here.

The story is simple, coupling a loudmouth gamer to a hardened cop and sending them on a mission to capture the kingpin of the city. It's probably like most other cop/buddy films you've seen, the twist being that Hart isn't even an actual cop. But that's just a technicality, as it hardly has any impact on the film.

The banter between Hart and Ice Cube is fun and the action scenes are nice too. Nothing too spectacular, just solid entertainment. The pacing is also on point. The film doesn't feel sluggish and doesn't unnecessarily drag things out. It's a pretty inoffensive action/comedy, nothing new, but proper filler when you want something easily digestible.