2011 / 96m - USA
Animation, Adventure, Comedy
Rio poster


July 27, 2020


Don't ever wonder how many animal-based CG animations there are, unless you're dedicated enough to find out the answer. Rio is another franchise that I missed simply because there's so many of them, and they all look, sound and appear so similar. Rio isn't the worst of the bunch at least.

The whole selling point of the film is Brazil. That's pretty much it. A Brazilian bird gets poached, is raised in the US and returns to his homeland when it turns out he's the last male species of his race. If that sounds random, it's because these stories are rarely more than a hook for a little comedy, some songs and a bit of adventuring.

The jokes are terrible though and many of the secondary characters are absolutely annoying, but at least the film is not quite as loud and obnoxious as most of its peers. It's a minor perk and it doesn't really save the film, but at least it makes it easier to sit through than many of its contemporaries.