2014 / 106m - USA
Animation, Comedy, Adventure
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July 23, 2021


Is there any better animal than a macaw to lead a US animation flick? They're loud, they're obnoxious, they live in jungles among many (many) other animals. It's a small miracle the first film didn't exploit that to the fullest, but in this sequel, all bets are off. Let's hope they never bother with a third one.

Our little family of macaws has settled into their new lives, until they see a news program that shows there are still survivors of their species. They decide to seek them out, but not everybody is on board with returning to the jungle. Blu wants to get back to his easy life in the city, Jewel on the other hand loves the outdoors.

An endless succession of atrocious pop songs, a lifetime of bad jokes, a cliché plot and not a funny character in sight. It's nothing more than the umpteenth formulaic attempt at animated comedy, then again there's clearly a market for it. It's equally clear I'm not their target audience, even then I've seen much better ones. A horrible film.