1938 / 31m - USA
The River poster


July 15, 2020


A short and classic documentary about the Mississippi River. It sounds like a somewhat dull subject (and it is), so this is probably only going to appeal to people who enjoy history and a little geography. It might've been a cool school doc once, but I guess the information is too outdated for that now.

So what can you say about rivers? That they flood the land once in a while, that they create jobs and are useful for farming, transportation and generating electricity. This documentary goes through all the usual angles, but doesn't offer many surprises along the way.

It also feels a bit like propaganda, probably because early human intervention aggravated the flooding, and they needed the people back on board for further work on the river. It's all a bit pointless now, apart from a glimpse in the past and some nice shots of the river.