1939 / 106m - USA
The Roaring Twenties poster


December 02, 2023


An early crime flick with some revue/entertainment elements thrown in. Even though the runtime runs well past 90 minutes, the film still feels rushed, trying to cover the entire prohibition (starting with some war scenes) and adding in a bunch of personal drama to make things even more bloated.

After the war, the veterans return to the US, getting simple labor jobs, while trying to fit in with society once more. Many don't really get the respect they feel they deserve, and when new crime syndicates flare up thanks to the prohibition law, many of those veterans end up in the criminal circuit.

Cagney is better than Bogart, but he often plays the same kind of role. There's quite a bit too much script to go through, so the production feels a bit rushed, and pulling the focus away from the crime elements at times felt like the wrong option. Not a memorable film in any way.