2023 / 93m - USA
Comedy, Romance
Robots poster


May 20, 2023


A basic romcom with a slightly more interesting premise. The film never really figures out what it wants to be though, bouncing back between comedy, romance, and sci-fi, with none of the genres being all that effective. It's still a fun exercise and a brave attempt to try something a little different.

Charles has a robot version of himself that takes care of dating and work, while Elaine lets her robot double handle the physical part of relationships, while she makes sure to receive all the gifts. A mix-up brings the two robots together. They fall in love and decide to leave their human masters behind.

Whitehall and Woodley make a decent onscreen couple, but their chemistry is limited. The sci-fi elements needlessly complicate the plot and the comedy is hit-and-miss, but you can't fault the film for trying to break the mold. It's not a terrible film, it's just that the potential was there to do better.