1991 / 108m - USA
Adventure, Sci-fi
The Rocketeer poster


February 04, 2021


Pretty cheesy pre-Marvel superhero nonsense. The setting is actually quite charming and the Rocketeer suit is well-designed, but the action falls short and the level of cheese gets pretty unbearable during the second half of the film. Its Disney roots are a little too apparent and they hold the film back.

Cliff is a young and promising pilot who stumbles upon a strange jetpack. He's able to fly the thing, but others are interesting in the jetpack too. One of those people is Neville Sinclair, a popular actor who plans to sell the jetpack to the Nazi. To get to the thing, he tries to go through Cliff's girlfriend.

Performances are gleefully over-the-top, the 1930s have been given a nice comic book shine and the suit is cool. But the green screen action is flimsy, the soundtrack is bad kitsch and the Nazi plot feels terribly outdated. Started out fun enough, but this is the type of film that gets worse by the minute.