USA [1979] - 119m
Sport, Drama
Directed by
Sylvester Stallone
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August 17, 2021


Stallone directs the sequel to what will forever by his biggest legacy. He's certainly quite full of himself, as he doesn't merely aim to repeat the success of the first film, he seems to believe he can pull off a Scorsese and add a serious dash of drama to an otherwise simple boxing film. Well, he fails, and not exactly gracefully.

After his fight against Creed, Rocky is the talk of the town. He gets lucrative deals thrown at him, but as he tries to cash in on his success, he quickly learns that he isn't really cut out to do much else. When his wife gets pregnant, it seems that Rocky will have to face Creed once again in order to secure the boxing title for real.

There isn't that much boxing here, apart from the final 20 minutes. The rest is a mix of drama and comedy that is almost too painful to watch. Stallone is a horrendous actor, none of the jokes land and the drama is so saccharine that you have to wonder why he even bothered. A complete fluke, even the fight at the end fails to raise the adrenaline.

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