1989 / 91m - USA
Roger & Me poster


October 10, 2022


The big Michael Moore show. Moore's breakthrough documentary sees him returning to his hometown when news breaks that the big General Motors plant is closing down. The town depends on those jobs, so Moore tries to reach the chairman of General Motors Roger B. Smith for an interview.

Moore's typical techniques are already in full effect here. There's a comedic layer, but it never feels entirely truthful and/or genuine, which undermines the points he's trying to make. This is a shame because some of those points are definitely worth making, and they kind of fade into the background.

I'm not a big fan of "let's try to reach this man so we can shit on him" type of footage (as it isn't very realistic), Moore's documentary is more interesting when he deviates from his original premise, it's just that I've grown to dislike his style over the years. It's still somewhat entertaining, just not very effective.