2015 / 93m - Japan
Crime, Comedy
Rolling poster


December 20, 2022


A funny little crime comedy. In the beginning, you may be forgiven for thinking Rolling follows a more dramatic route, but it quickly dawns that we're dealing with a drier form of comedy here, hiding behind a light crime story. I really appreciated the film's quirkiness, but it was just a little too fleeting to make a big impression.

Gondo is an ex-teacher, who got fired after people found out he was making videos in the girls' locker room. Years later he bumps into one of his old students. They hook up, and when they discover that one of his videos features a girl who is now famous, they come up with a plan to make some easy money.

The deliberate pacing, the odd plot twists, and the particular soundtrack give the film a very smooth and enjoyable vibe. The performances are solid, the cinematography on point, and the runtime appropriate. Rolling offers distinct entertainment and does so confidently, but it lack that little extra to make it truly special.