Cheng Chong Chui Lui Chai
1987 / 102m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Romance
The Romancing Star poster


September 26, 2008


A star-studded 80s Hong Kong romcom that proved to be quite popular, so much in fact that it spawned two sequels. While that sounds promising on paper, the film itself really isn't all that great. Unless you're a big fan of the somewhat lechery Hong Kong comedy of yonder, there isn't much here.

A quartet of young guys treats itself to a little vacation in Thailand. They're on the prowl and it doesn't take too long before they run into two beautiful women. The winner of a game will decide who gets to pick his favored prey, the other girl will have to be won over by the remaining three.

With people like Maggie Cheung, Eric Tsang and Chow Yun-Fat on board, the casting stands out. The material is quite lowbrow though and in the hands of Jing Wong there's no chance at all that it's going to get elevated along the way. This is very basic entertainment and as such it's certainly not terrible, but it's not really worthy of recommendation either. Jing Wong fluff.