Also known as
Lang Zhi Yi Zu
Hong Kong [1989] - 93m
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June 19, 2009


The third entry in a bad, bad series of films. It's slightly better than the second part, but if you're looking for fun Hong Kong/Jing Wong comedies, you better look elsewhere. There may be some A-listers involved in this production, but each every single one of them fails to raise the quality of this film.

Four pals are starting to grow a little tired of their girlfriends. During a conversation, they come up with a plan to swap girlfriends. After a lot of convincing, the girls actually agree with their moronic plan. Of course, nothing goes according to plan and it doesn't take long before it gets very messy.

Jing Wong is good when he can do wacky comedy and brazen parodies. Situational comedy isn't really his thing and when he's working on part 3 of whatever series (as obvious as a cash grab can get), there simply isn't that much there. The actors are just there for their paycheck, apart from a handful of scenes it's really not worth checking this one out.

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