Also known as
Kui Jiang : Zong Xie 2
Taiwan [2020] - 104m
Directed by
Shih-Han Liao
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The Rope Curse 2 poster


January 16, 2021


I never saw the first film, but that usually not a big problem with Asian horror cinema. Shih-Han Liao was allowed to make the follow-up to his first film for Netflix, which probably means the original one was quite popular in Taiwan. Must've been a local thing then, as I couldn't really see what's so special about this one.

A Thai Demon goes ballistic in Taiwan. He jumps from one person to the next in a desperate attempt to be reborn as a human. He's eying Jia-min, a young girl who has a feel for the supernatural. A Taoist monk chases the demon down, but he's crafty and always finds a way to escape the monk's spells.

The Rope Curse 2 is a pretty basic horror flick. The cinematography is a bit better than average, the Taoist rituals are a nice deviation from the norm and it's quite a surprise to see Kang-sheng Lee headlining a film like this. On the other hand Liao fails to really drive up the tension and the overreliance on CG doesn't really help the scares. Decent, but not great.