Also known as
Lu Ding Ji
Hong Kong [1992] - 106m
Action, Comedy
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February 02, 2005


I remember this being one of the first Hong Kong comedies I've seen. It took a little time adjusting to get used to their style of comedy, but with Jing Wong & Siu-Tung Ching in the director chair and Stephen Chow & Man Tat Ng in front of the camera, there's really no better way to get introduced into the genre.

Shot (almost) back to back with the second part (quite typical for Hong Kong films back then, why shoot one film is you could as well shoot the sequel in tag), it's a film that delivers what you'd expect from it. Some fun martial arts, crazy plot lines, exuberant performances and an overall level of goofiness that makes these films very pleasant to watch.

With 108 minutes on the clock it's a bit long, especially because these films are pretty hyperactive (and thus demanding), but with all the talent on board and with a well-oiled machine backing up the technical elements, that's hardly an issue. It can't match Chow's self-directed films, but if you're looking for madcap Hong Kong comedies, this is perfect filler.

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