2015 / 114m - USA
Action, Crime
Run All Night poster


July 04, 2020


Surprisingly well-made action film by Collet-Serra. I'm not a big fan of the man's work and Run All Night certainly isn't strong enough to change my mind about him, but it is a film that delivered what I'd hoped to get from it. A simple, fun and entertaining two hours sporting some rather impressive action scenes.

Neeson can do these kinds of roles with his eyes closed. There's a little drama between him and his son that doesn't really add much to the film, but at least Kinnaman and Neeson are decent enough actors to not botch it up. The rest is pure action cinema, within a classic crime setting.

The camera (work, because I assume there's quite a bit CG involved) is the biggest star of the film, as it flies through the sets and puts you right in there with the action. Some memorable moments and impressive set pieces, that's what I wanted from this film, and that's exactly what I got. Not bad at all.