1957 / 86m - USA
Run of the Arrow poster


October 03, 2022


Cowboys and Indians. Run of the Arrow turned out to be a pretty pure western, which means it was always going to be a hard sell. Some pretty painful performances and horrible camera work don't help the appeal of the film either, making this one of the worst westerns I've seen so far.

O'Meara, a soldier with the Confederates, can't accept the loss in the war and decides to join the Sioux Indians. After surviving a dangerous trial, he becomes part of their clan. But then the Sioux get wrapped up in their own war with the US Army, and O'Meara will be forced to pick sides once again.

There are some parallels with Dances with Wolves (but that's not exactly a positive), so fans of that film might get something extra out of it. Other than that, I simply don't see what the appeal of this film could be, but since there are plenty of western fans out there it's no doubt just a matter of personal taste. Unless you're a hardcore western fanatic though, I wouldn't give this one priority.