1999 / 116m - USA
Comedy, Romance
Runaway Bride poster


September 01, 2021


A film built around Gere and Roberts. They were a pretty hot couple in the 90s and just having them fronting a romcom would draw audiences to the theater without them even looking at the trailer. This being a late-90s flick, it's easy to see how the complacency was starting to set it, signaling the eventual demise of the duo.

When Ike writes a damning column about Maggie, a woman known for leaving guys at the altar, he gets fired from his job for not properly investigating his article. While Ike admits to his faults, he stands behind the premise of his column and seeks out Maggie, who is about to get married once again.

Two somewhat irritating characters who can't stand each other. It's not hard to figure out how that story goes. The performances aren't great, the plot is a disaster and the payoff isn't strong enough. It's just simple fluff that will only appeal to the most hardened romcom fans out there. Not the worst in the genre, just extremely bare bones.