Daai Zek Lou
2003 / 93m - Hong Kong
Action, Drama, Thriller
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February 03, 2005


Johnnie To's collaborations with writer Ka-Fai Wai certainly are unique. I'm not the biggest fan of Wai's writing, which can be a little too sentimental for my taste, but he brings something different to the table. In To he found a director who could execute his wacky ideas with style, and so many of their collabs became instant fan favorites.

Big isn't just very muscular, he can also see people's future. It's a very handy skill, certainly for the police corps. Yee, a police detective, makes good use of Big, and they work well together, until one day Big finds out Yee is going to die soon. Yee commits to finding the murderer of Big's best friend before she dies, Big will try to change Yee's fate in the meantime.

Andy Lau in a bodysuit is simply hilarious, the story is pretty wacky and To uses every visual trick he has to his disposal. The result is a somewhat messy film, but one that is not short of surprises. The only downside is the rather sentimental ending, which doesn't go well with the rest of the film. Worth a watch, but a bit too uneven for me.