1963 / 115m - UK
Thriller, Action
From Russia with Love poster


September 13, 2020


The second Bond film seems more in line with what the series represents nowadays, which is a shame. The first film was cheesy and goofy fun, this second one is a bit more serious. It's not without a wink and there's still some fun to be had, but no silly underground lairs in From Russia with Love.

Sean Connery is a decent James Bond, though it does look like he's one of those actors whose best work came at a later age. He's suave enough for the part, but he's not a very convincing master spy. His adversaries aren't the most impressive either and the Bond girl lacks charisma.

The plot is simple, but amusing. The pacing is solid, there's enough action and the classy setting works in the film's favor. It's not bad, quite watchable even, at the same time it's also been superseded by hundreds of similar films. Based on the first two Bond films, it's obvious why this franchise became such a big success, but the films themselves feel a bit outdated.