USA [2018] - 108m
Directed by
Jen McGowan
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July 18, 2021


A mix of several thriller niches. The result is pretty decent, but don't watch this film if you're hoping for any grand surprises. Rust Creek sticks to genre conventions and bets on execution. The direction isn't flawless, and the film doesn't quite live up to its full potential, but it's a pretty solid genre film nonetheless.

Sawyer is a talented student who follows her GPS to avoid a major traffic jam. It lands her in no man's land, where two local boys find her asking for directions. They decide to have a little fun with her, but the encounter gets out of hand and after a scuffle, Sawyer runs into the woods with the boys following her.

It sounds like a simple rural survival thriller, there's a bit more to it though, especially once Sawyer reaches a guy who runs a local meth lab. Performances are solid, the tension remains present from start to finish and even though the runtime is quite for a film like this, it never started to drag. The biggest problem is that Rust Creek doesn't really excel in anything. It's just a decent genre flick.