Japan [2009] - 30m
Sci-fi, Horror
Directed by
Shozin Fukui
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S-94 poster


October 31, 2021


Japanese cyberpunk is pretty much dead as a genre, this Shozin Fukui film is probably one of the last of its kind. It's a brave attempt, sporting some pretty cool ideas, but it's clear that the budget simply wasn't there to do justice to the concept. So all we get is this mad little short film.

A terrible disease has wiped out mankind. Only a few survivors are left, holed up in underground bunkers. Two women are stuck together, one desperate to survive, the other suicidal and manic. When they suddenly get into contact with a man over the radio, there's hope that they'll survive after all.

The gritty black and white cinematography is cool, the industrial soundtrack is pretty out there too. The two never quite come together though, as the whole short feels a bit rushed, even a little unfinished. But the raw quality is there and if you love yourself some hardcore cyberpunk cinema, S-94 won't disappoint.

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