2018 / 95m - China
Experimental - Animation
S He poster


December 15, 2021


A pretty unique stop-motion film. I would say it's an odd thing to come out of China, but I don't think director Shengwei is going to kick-start a niche with this film. It comes off as a very singular, personal film that has little to do with the Chinese movie industry, instead it has everything to do with the artist Shengwei.

A female shoe is born into a world where only male shoes are allowed. She is quickly transformed and disguised as a male shoe and starts working in a cigarette factory. She doesn't really fit in, and it doesn't take long before her true gender is revealed. At that moment, she decides it's time to fight back.

The stop-motion animation is a little crude, but the style is certainly very imaginative. The editing and sound design are great, and the plot is intriguing, the only thing I wasn't a big fan of was the use of common household objects to create the film's fantasy world. Pretty bizarre, very layered and truly unique, with a little extra polish Shengwei's next could be a true masterpiece.