Japan [2002] - 122m
Action, Drama
Directed by
Takashi Miike
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July 02, 2007


In the West, Miike is often seen as this crazy, over-the-top guy, but that's partly because films like Sabu were never promoted much on our shores. Miike has a softer side and once you start to dig a bit deeper into his oeuvre, you'll see he's had a pretty varied output from the very beginning.

Sabu is a film about two good friends (Eiji and Sabu) who work together in a store. When Eiji just disappears one day, Sabu struggles with the loss of his friend, and he decides to find out what happened to him. His journey brings him to Ishikawa, a prison island where Eiji ended up.

There are a few darker/harsher scenes here, but overall the film has a softer, more poetic tone. The cinematography is calm and polished, performances are great across the board and there are a few interesting twists that keep the story intriguing. Not one of Miike's most exuberant films, but solid proof that he's capable of more than just craziness.