2022 / 100m - Japan
Sadako DX poster


January 13, 2023


Sadako is back. Again. The biggest curse of these franchises is that they can't seem to stop when they're ahead. The latest in the Ringu series is a mix of a reboot and spin-off, but its deluxe moniker seems wholly unearned and the film ended up looking more like a cheap knock-off from the original films.

The cursed video has found its way online and is being sold on the web. A priest and a highly intelligent girl are asked as guests in an entertainment show to come speak about the video. After recording they decide to figure out the true nature of the curse, but they soon find themselves in over their heads.

The scares are cheap, the Sadako curse is anything but scary and the plot takes up way too much screentime. Things get a little better during the second half, but meager performances, basic styling, and a lack of tension get in the way. I wish they'd just stop making new Sadako-based films until there's an actual reason to reboot the franchise.