Also known as
Dou Sing 2: Gai Tau Dou Sing
Hong Kong [1995] - 98m
Action, Comedy
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June 29, 2008


Another entry in Wong's peculiar gambling genre. An all-out comedy in true Jing Wong fashion, so you can expect lots of parodies, a handful of timely references, plenty of random jokes and some fancy wire action, as no Hong Kong comedy is allowed to exist without a bit of martial arts action.

The story of course revolves around the Saint of Gambler (a parody on Wong's own God of Gambler character). A tournament is launched to find a suitable candidate for the part, but when the players begin to murder each other it becomes quite uncertain if anyone is actually going to make it to the end.

With Man Tat Ng you can expect solid comedy, a young Donnie Yen is there to spruce up the action scenes. But in the end this is just another 200% Jing Wong film, where all that matters is whether you can stand his particular brand of comedy. A pretty wild and funny film, but not for everyone.

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