1988 / 113m - India
Crime, Drama
Salaam Bombay! poster


November 12, 2021


Not a Bollywood film, though that doesn't mean it's better or more interesting. Salaam Bombay is a pretty basic drama about a kid that lives on the streets in a city that doesn't really care for his fate. You can pretty much fill in all the blanks from that meager description, Nair doesn't really add much beyond.

Krishna is a young boy loving on the streets of Bombay. He is doing odd jobs to save up money, money that will buy him a ticket out of the city. Life is tough though and around every corner are people who want to take advantage of Krishna. When he becomes involved with a drug courier, Krishna's life takes a dive.

It's a tragic story no doubt, but Nair's direction is pretty bland. The performances aren't always great either, the drama is a bit too predictable, and the conclusion felt a bit random. People who love this kind of social drama will certainly get more from this film, for me, it lacked cinematic quality.