Japan [1999] - 110m
Comedy, Fantasy
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December 01, 2007


One of the first Miike films I watched that didn't have his crazy signature all over it. Later on I would learn this certainly wasn't the only one of its kind, but back then it was quite a shock. Salaryman Kintaro is a pretty decent and agreeable film, and it's perfectly fine filler, as long as you don't expect this to be another crazy Miike masterpiece.

Kintaro was once part of a popular rock band, but he rebrands himself to become a valued salary man. Someone who wants to be there for his fellow men. Once he gets a taste for helping people, Kintaro's ambitions begin to grow, and he starts thinking of going after corrupt businessmen and politicians, a decision that will land him into quite a bit of trouble.

The energetic Kintaro is by far the main attraction of this film. Takahashi does a solid job, even though his character is quite one-note. The film does become a bit grittier near the end, largely abandoning its comedic beginning, the finale is on point though. Not the greatest Miike and certainly not the ideal entry into his oeuvre, but a solid option for the dedicated Miike fan.

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