2006 / 108m - USA
Saw III poster


December 26, 2006


May 14, 2021


This one didn't quite hold up on revision. I was somehow expecting it, after noticing that the first one too had lost some of its former shine. The nice thing about Saw III is that there are more traps and they're even more brutal, the bad thing is that there's too much uninteresting filler in between them.

Jigsaw is still around and doing his thing, though he's clearly on his last legs here. That doesn't mean he hasn't got some final tricks up his sleeves. He targets a few more people who end up in his famous traps, this time though we see more of his accomplices and how they are tied into his big master plan.

The traps are absolutely nasty here, which is a big plus. Sadly, some of them are overshadowed by a plot that didn't really engage the second time around. Performances are middling too and Bousman is a bit too busy trying to copy Wan's visual flair, rather than give the film a spin of his own. Saw III is still pretty solid and a clear recommend for horror fans, but it should've kept to its strengths.