Ngo Dik Yeh Man Tung Hok
2001 / 94m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Action
My Schoolmate the Barbarian poster


October 25, 2004


Together with partner in crime Siu-Hung Chung, Jing Wong adapts a popular manga for the big screen. It's pretty weird to see Hong Kong handle what is a typical Japanese high school brawler, it's no real surprise then that the result isn't really all that great. But that's pretty much what I expect when Hong Kong tries to do Japan.

The plot is pretty basic, especially when you've seen these types of films before. Edward, a brainiac kid, ends up in the wrong school by accident and finds himself amongst a bunch of violent kids who have to fight their way to success. Edward of course has no option but to adapt to his new environment.

The comedy is pretty poor, the romance doesn't work, the actors don't really fit their parts and the entertainment value is pretty low for a film that should be all about fun. The fights are pretty decent though, sadly there aren't quite enough of them to save this film. Just watch the Crows or High & Low franchises instead.