USA [2001] - 124m
Crime, Thriller
Directed by
Frank Oz
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June 28, 2020


A pretty basic heist film. I expected a film that was a little more distinctive from Oz, but apparently he was fine with plain old genre work and a little twist at the end, something that was practically required around the turn of the millennium. The result is a respectable, but rather boring feature.

Some big names were hired to draw in the audience. De Niro, Norton and Brando have enough charisma to carry a film by themselves, putting them together in a film means money in the bank. But with a dull and predictable plot, bland characterization and a lack of sparkle in the direction, not all that much comes of it.

If you like heist films, the film is quite entertaining. Apart from that, there's just very little to recommend here. A less predictable twist, 30 minutes cut from the runtime and some tighter editing might've helped to salvage this film, in its current state though, it's little more than random filler.

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