USA [2021] - 92m
Directed by
Simon Barrett
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September 13, 2021


Simple but amusing slasher flick, mixed with light haunted house elements. Simon Barrett has been part of Wingard's troupe for a long time now, this is only the first time he got to direct a feature-length film. It's a surprisingly basic project, that puts everything on execution to make an impact.

Camille is a young girl who lands a seat into a prestigious school after one of the students kills herself. She immediately gets into a fight with the popular girls. During detention, the group organizes a little séance. While meant as a joke, the kids inadvertently call the spirit of the deceased student, kick-starting a new wave of deaths.

The plot is pretty simple, also very predictable, but the direction is solid. Nice camera work, a pretty great score and pleasant performances make this a fun little horror flick. It's not that memorable and certainly not the type of film that will thrive beyond its original release, but if you're looking for solid horror filler, it's a very safe bet.

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