2018 / 73m - Canada
Selfie from Hell poster


August 02, 2020


Horror and modern tech are a convenient combination. There's so much tech doom already, and so few people knowing the ins and outs of their devices that it's extremely easy to conjure up a little dread with tech going wrong. It's no surprise then that there's an entire niche of smartphone/streaming horror films.

That said, the lore behind Selfie from Hell feels a little flaky. There's a bit of everything, with stalking ghosts, the dark web and asylum videos, but it never really comes together and some of it feels downright random. Maybe it's because the film is only 70s minutes long, then again this isn't the most serious of horror films, so it didn't really bother me.

Luckily Ceylan does a pretty decent job building up the atmosphere. As a whole it may not make too much sense, individual scenes are quite moody and effective. It's a shame the ending is a little too bold and stumbles when the ghost makes its final appearance, but overall I had a decent amount of fun.