2000 / 30m - Chile
Señales de Ruta poster


May 17, 2021


A short documentary exploring the work of Juan Luis Martinez. As someone who isn't familiar with the man's work (and who has a rather limited appreciation for poetry in general), this felt very much like a doc for insiders. If you're completely unaware of who Martinez is, you're not going to come out much wiser.

Thirty minutes isn't a lot to do justice to a person of course, so the decision to cut down on more contextual information is one I can definitely understand, it just didn't work very well for me in this case. The makers jump right into the work of Martinez, it just didn't really appeal to me.

The footage that goes with his poems isn't exactly impressive, interviews with his peers made me wonder whether they weren't just interested in making themselves look good and the random structure of the film made it quite messy. Fans of Martinez might get something out of this, others would do better to do a little digging of their own on the internet.